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Grief Counselling

What do you say to someone whose 20-something daughter has been transformed into a charcoaled cadaver because she was dancing and drinking cocktails? Personally, I have no idea. I really would not know what to say.

Some, however, seem to possess the requisite linguistic tools. One such is Abu Bakar Bashir a Moslem cleric who offered this advise in an interview with the Australian newspaper The Age:

“Asked if there was anything he wanted to say to families who lost relatives in the bomb blast, he said: “My message to the families is please convert to Islam as soon as possible.”

Yes, I have no doubt that they will be falling over themselves in the rush to do just that.

7 comments to Grief Counselling

  • Walter E. Wallis

    We should deputize the Religious of Islam to bring to justice those who hide their evil behind Islam’s cloak. If a writer who in passing scandalizes Islam is condemned to death, then how much more should the Jihadists be hunted down and brought before their makes for judgement, by the religionests they blsapheme with their acts.
    If Islam cannot clean the Muslem House then they should not blame us others for taking on their duty.

  • Matt W.

    It’s comments from clerics like this that you know that Islam is no religion of peace no matter what apoligists would say. It’s disgusting to think that anyone in a supposed position of “moral authority” such as this waste of skin is, can openly approve of the murder of innocent civilians and not have any reprocussions. I wonder how the liberals in this country and Mullahs in the islamofascist world would react if a Christian official cheerfully said that he hoped plenty of muslim women and children were killed in the coming war so that they would pay for the sins of their society, I’m fairly certain they would bitch and moan a hurricane. I don’t see how anyone, anywhere, can look upon this muslim clerics viewpoint as anything but evil. Oh well, not that they were really much better, but its too bad the Crusaders didn’t continue conquering until there was no where left to go in that region.

  • It is these kinds of comments that distinguish between good and evil groups of people. In wars, both sides kill members of the other side, and both sides want to win. But one side is worse morally than the other, and discerning which that is requires a long hard look at the depths to which each will go.

    Hence, however nauseating and disgusting it is to read things like this, and however much our instinct might be to pretend such callousness does not exist and that everyone is nice underneath their differences really, we need to know exactly what nastiness is out there. Otherwise, there is no way of identifying a just cause.

    So, thanks David for finding and posting this. It’s important.

  • UPDATE: It appears that the Indonesian Government has decided that Bashir needs to be interrogated; let us hope he is ‘detained’ for a considerable length of time, to prevent his continued access to those despicable alleged “journalists” who distribute his venom!

  • I don’t want this creature ‘detained’. I want it dead. Messily, and publicly.

    The only good thing about this is it shows what a tin ear the Islamofascists have for PR. The Age has a pretty high circulation in Australia, so these comments will get quite some exposure. If there were a more effective way of turning people’s attitudes against the so-called Religion of Peace and its batshit followers then I don’t know what it is.

  • He’s suddenly been taken ill. What a freakin’ surprise. Anyway. People like Basyir have been living openly in Indonesia for years. He’s another one of those blokes who seem to think they’re invincible. He’s completely deluded, but the Indonesian government certainly contributed to that.

  • nazia

    I PRAY THAT Islam changes everybodies way of thinking.