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George Bush adds $1,500 to cost of purchasing average new house in USA

Is that the headline you saw all over the US media the other day when the US government imposed import tariffs on Canadian lumber? No? I wonder why that was?

A question to all those people who sent me e-mails following my claims after Bush’s imposition of the steel quotas that his economic views were ludicrous. Many of you said he was just playing an inconsequential domestic political card and said George Bush was still a committed free trader. Given that:

1. A large number of US manufactured products involving steel and wood are about to become more expensive both domestically in the USA and compared to similar overseas products.

2. Other US produced goods and services are about to be made more expensive overseas due to retaliatory tariffs by the USA’s major trading partners (i.e. the people who actually have the money to buy most of the huge quantity of goods America exports).

Are you still unconcerned about the economic and political damage being done to the US economy (not to mention the rest of the world’s economy)?

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