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Good bye Daily Telegraph

Samizdata will no longer be embedding links to the Daily Telegraph’s site as they have created a pay-wall for overseas readers after they have accessed twenty articles in a month.

As a significant proportion of Samizdata’s readership is overseas, and as there are many alternative sources of news on-line, we bid adieu to the Telegraph, effective immediately.

17 comments to Good bye Daily Telegraph

  • Julie near Chicago

    “Got along without ya before I met ya,
    Gonna get along without ya now….”

  • Too bad that it’s proving so hard to invent a workable pay model for online news media.

  • Cutting nose to spite face is a term that comes to mind. I just won’t read the DT anymore. Just like I never read The Times now they are behind a pay-wall. I wonder if you still get adverts if you pay?

  • Thomas Gibbon

    Made the same decision when I found the only link I actually used was Honest John in the motoring section.

  • Such tight editorial control! How do you get away with that!

  • A mixture of threats, sexual favours and promises of beer, Simon.

  • Runcie Balspune

    Too bad that it’s proving so hard to invent a workable pay model for online news media

    They’ve gotta pay those six-figure star journalist salaries somehow, who else will berate the “greedy bankers” then?

  • Wait, where’s my beer?

  • Wait, where’s my –

    (thinks about it)

    – beer.

  • James Hargrave

    A ‘newspaper’ which has gone relentlessly downhill for almost a decade, since control passed to some obscure creatures primarily interested in debauching good London hotels and the structure of government in one of the smaller Channel Islands. The point at which one really gave up was ‘Telegraph View’, known previously as editorials. The subsequent views expressed have often been incoherent, confused or just contradictory.

  • Given that I sometimes write for them (for free, in the blog stuff….I was being paid but they cut me to hire some former HuffPo people) and also that I am in foreign, I had a little word when this came out.

    They’re delighted for me to continue to write for free for them.

    But not willing to allow me to read the newspaper for free.

    Just can’t quite see that being a stable equilibrium somehow.

  • lucklucky

    An increasingly socialist and tabloidist newspaper,
    will not be missed.

  • Sceptical Antagonist

    I guess I could point out that those wishing to view the paper for free could find a free UK proxy server (Google might help), but if I did that it wouldn’t be helpful for the paper’s revenues, would it?

    So I won’t. 😉

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Google News is still quite handy at getting around some paywalls, I should add.

  • Paul Marks

    Tim – they stopped paying you so they could pay some HuffPo leftists?

    D.T. vermin.

    When the brothers tried to take over Sark (in the name of “democracy” of course) they should have been stripped naked and whipped round the island.

    In January.

  • Trespassers W

    A telegraph? Like they used to use in olden times? I’m not surprised they’re not hooked up to the internet properly.

  • Orson Presence

    Just delete the cookie, and it’s still as free as it ever was.