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The Libertarian Alliance Conference is dead – but there’s a new conference in town

Never mind that the Libertarian Alliance isn’t holding a conference this year because there’s another conference to take its place. It’s a one-day, less expensive event on Saturday 22 October that’s being held in the same venue – the National Liberal Club in London. For £65 you get a day of libertarian speakers and dinner at the club, too.

Among the libertarian figures speaking or chairing sessions are the Austrian economist Dr  Adam Martin, who is flying over from New York, Sam Bowman, of the Adam Smith Institute and Cobden Centre, Theodore Dalrymple, columnist and doctor, and Toby Young, who is running a free school.

Half of the tickets are being taken up by young libertarian students, so this will be a conference where the future of the British libertarian movement will be fully in view. To reserve your place, all you have to do is to visit the Liberty League website and enter your details. Hope to see many of you there.

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7 comments to The Libertarian Alliance Conference is dead – but there’s a new conference in town

  • Excellent! I will certainly try to be there!

  • Dale Amon

    No idea where in the world I will be on that date. The thought also does strike me that someday I need to give UK Libertarians an update on the incredible advances in commercial space that have happened since my 2006 talk.

    Has it really been that long???

  • Johnathan Pearce

    I am not sure I can make it, but this is very encouraging.

  • Interesting headline!

    I’m not at all certain that the “Libertarian Alliance Conference is dead”, and I don’t expect that this is quite what Alex meant. We may well hold another one in due course, but perhaps not this year.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Anon, you are mistaken on unpublished works. The Hampden Press, has, I believed, recently published a collection of Chris’s articles about Henry George and the associated school of thought he influenced. Hopefully other material will be published in due course.

  • Paul Marks

    Great news Mr Singleton.

    I stopped going to Libertarian Alliance conferences some years ago (long before I started to work every Saturday), because I felt deeply out of sympathy with some of the speakers and with some of the publications that were pushed (especially a certain publication I found in my conference pack – at the last Libertarian Alliance conference I attended).

    However, this “Liberty League” conference sounds like the sort of conference I would enjoy attending (with speakers I might not always agree with – but are not aliens from the planet Tharg). And if one does not enjoy attending a conference what is the point of going to it?

    However, there is that “I work Saturdays” problem.

    I will consult with a person I work with and see if we can swap days (not likely – he is busy weekends, but I can but try).