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You can’t perfect markets, any more than people

Dr Eamonn Butler spoke to a room of sixth formers and twenty-somethings last week to launch his new book, The Best Book on the Market, and made some good points on why economics lecturers don’t understand the market – and nor does George Soros. Here’s the video:

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5 comments to You can’t perfect markets, any more than people

  • TomG

    Brilliant, eloquent – with truths expressed colourfully (he should run for a high office ;)

  • I’ve pre-ordered the U.S. release for next week, and hope it will be as pithy and clear as this video and the posted excerpts with glowing U.K reviews. I’m looking forward to it for myself, of course, but also perhaps for the many economic spectator-hobbyists I know who’ve lately grown so suspicious of the virtues of free trade.

  • Thanks TomG – but I want to get people OUT of high office rather than add to their numbers!

  • TomG

    I appreciated that – the semicolon was meant a wink.

    Cheers, Tom

  • n005

    A damning indictment of the grotesque, predatory megalomania and the thick-headed vacuity of contemporary economists. Dr. Butler effectively elucidates the thoughtlessness of people who think they have any sense whatsoever of such things as economy and markets and capitalism and whatnot, when they have no consideration for actual, living, self-interested human beings.