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British public opposes eco-taxes

Environmentalists like to claim that the politicians should pursue their agenda because that is what the public wants. So free-marketeers will be cheered by a new poll that says that 67% of British people believe that the green agenda has been hijacked as a ploy to increase taxes. 72% of Brits would be unwilling to pay more in taxes, even if used for environmental purposes.

8 comments to British public opposes eco-taxes

  • Tanuki

    In my world, ‘green’ means naiive and uneducated in the ways of the world.

    Thankfully it looks like the UK populace is not as ‘green’ as the legislators would like to believe.

  • Ian B

    The Green Agenda has no more been “hijacked” as a ploy to raise taxes than I’m a dutchman. It simply is a ploy to raise taxes. And impose some kind of mediaeval communist inspired serfdom thingy.

    It’s wrong to suggest that the Greens they ever were anything other than ruralist fascists. We really need to get used to calling a spade a spade here. This isn’t something good, being subverted. It’s something evil, doing what evil does.

  • If the dystopic future come to pass,when we have finished eating to polar bears we can start on the greens.
    Soylent Green.

  • The only way I can take any poll seriously is when I see the actual questionnaire, along with the size of the sample. As I never have the time to do that, I am left with no choice but to ignore the polls, regardless of whether I like the results or not.

  • That was the purpose at the top of the ecology movement from the very beginning…..not only higher taxation but more control on the individual.

  • The people have the right to know about the politician movement. So, I think people will not pay for nothing if the screen is not clear to them. Anyway, Thanks for your posing.

  • Ian B

    I actually got ringed up by ICM this evening and asked a great long list of questions by a woman in India who claimed at the start to be called Jessica and at the end to be called Judith. I got asked whether the abortion limit should be lowered (no), whether a new Labour leader would improve their chances at the next election (No again, don’t want to give them any useful advice do I?), whether I’d like some BT call package which I didn’t even bother listening to the details of, how pleased I am on a scale of 1 to 10 with various aspects of my bank (I said 10 mostly but threw in a random 7, they’re jolly d. really), how much I liked on a scale of 1 to 10 Brown, Clegg and Cameron (1, 1, 3) and a fairly long list of hopelessly biased questions about the smoking ban. For instance, I was asked to say which of 4 things had been improved most by it (cleaner air, clothes not smelling, every day the first day of spring, evil vanquished) and I said, “I can’t answer that because I don’t think anything has been improved by it” but then I had to pick one so I went with “threat from Mordor significantly reduced”.

    Then she asked me if I’m a smoker so naturally I lied and said no.

    I wonder what policies my answers will be used to justify.

  • permanentexpat

    As a nation, the English are far too forgiving of their home-grown tormentors…we learned happily to ignore the foreign sort many years ago, simply because they were of small import.

    The price we have paid…& are still paying…for that which has been imposed on us by the bureaucratic class…’politics’ has really little to do with it…is mind-boggling; from swingeing taxation meant to support first-class (?) social services, but in fact further swelling a bloated empire-building (for that, by nature, is its purpose) army of Graundian jobsworths…to having, perforce, to share our country with ‘cultures’ so alien to our own that Venusians could be considered kissing-cousins.

    I’m not troubled by bearded (mostly the men;-)) tofu-chomping knitting (mostly the women;-))sandal-wearers who advocate taking care of our environment…they are absolutely right, even if they are mostly city-dwellers who wouldn’t recognise a cow if it sat on them.

    No, it’s the opportunistic sinecured bureautrots, ever eager to control & impose yet more taxes…’Small men dressed with brief authority.’? Would that it were only so…They are a home-grown army of occupation wielding absolute power over a complacent & complaisant, blinkered people. For them, ‘Green’ is not a colour; it’s a big stick.