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If you’ve been missing 18 Doughty Street…

…then you should check out Right On, a 15 minute weekly programme from Telegraph TV. Unlike BBC programmes, it is advertiser-funded; it uses Telegraph journalists with the production outsourced to ITN. The libertarian-leaning show each week features a studio debate, a short segment of Iain Dale and Simon Heffer arguing, and Andrew Pierce’s take on Westminster gossip. In the latest episode, Ann Widdecombe – who should know better as an elected politician – throws a hissy fit under questioning about taxpayer money being spent on the second homes of MPs.

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4 comments to If you’ve been missing 18 Doughty Street…

  • The last toryboy

    Hah, that was incredible. After the initial hissy from Ann Widdecombe they both just kept baiting her again and again. Consider the last twenty seconds. Genius!

  • Tim Stanford

    This is a hell of a lot better than the pussy, leftist programmes like Newsnight and the Today programme that the Beeb makes us pay for.

  • Libertaria

    Ann’s appauling behaviour is indicative of the total arrogance of MPs – making demands on the presenter and acting with such sanctimonious superiority.

  • pacific_waters

    She would have been much more credible if she had been a bit cooler and not tried to control the conversation. When will we learn that anyone who wants to be elected is not to be trusted?