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Someone in the British military has a VERY good sense of humour!

I was watching the Channel 4 news coverage of the state visit of the King of Saudi Arabia to Britain, when something I saw nearly made me fall off my chair laughing.

So what does the British Army band for the guard of honour strike up as The Man himself steps out of his limo to high-five Her Majesty?

The Darth Vader March from Star Wars (click on ‘watch the report’ to see for yourself). I kid you not.

Someone somewhere deserves a medal.

18 comments to Someone in the British military has a VERY good sense of humour!

  • RobtE

    Perry –

    Thanks for the confirmation on this. I was reading round the web last night and saw this mentioned by a single poster. It sounded too good to be true, so I googled on it and found only two references to it.

    Curiously, though, over on Devil’s Kitchen (the third place I found it mentioned this morning) Mr Eugenides says that the BBC’s report had a different tune being played. I can only wonder whether someone, either at C4 or the Beeb, has been playing at the dubbing desk.

  • That they were playing this as he stepped out is almost too good to be true, I must say… but hats off to the editing boys at C4 if they are the one who made that serendipitous synchronicity occur.

  • Nick M

    I saw the video on Youtube. Is that really for real? If so then… Yippee! Please let it be true.

  • I can kinda see handsome Prince William (Obi Wan) fighting evil Abdullah (Count Dooku) with a lightsabre from one end of the Mall(Link) to the other.

  • knirirr

    Does anyone know the YouTube URL? Channel 4 refuse to support Macs, it seems.

  • Nick M


    Will that do knirirr? I couldn’t get the link to work either bu Google and the words “King” “Abdullah” “Saudi” “UK” and “Vistit” seemed to suffice.

  • Frederick Davies

    Heads will roll for this! Roll… over the floor laughing!

  • Scott Ganz

    Knirirr, go to http://www.flip4mac.com. It’s a free addon that allows embedded WMV files to play on a mac through quicktime.

    Just make sure that, when you install it and go to the options, do two things:

    Go to the browser tab and make sure “Launch Quicktime Player” is NOT checked. Then go to the Player tab and make sure that the “create streaming movies” option is also unchecked.

  • Stephen Borchert

    “You may dispense with the pleasantries, Your Majesty…”

  • Counting Cats

    Someone in the British military has a VERY good sense of humour!

    And someone will have received a right bollocking for it as well.

    I suggest we start a fund to pay for their future security.

  • Julian Taylor

    We already have a small charity for UK servicemen thank you very much. It’s called the ‘UK Defence Budget’.

  • knirirr

    Thanks, Nick and Scott.
    I have heard that there are doubts as to whether that was the correct soundtrack. I showed the clip to a brass bandsman of my acquaintance who has actually played that piece (apparently it’s quite popular), who asserted that the movements of the trombonists and the conductor were appropriate for the music being played.

  • abc

    I saw this and I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought it must be the Saudi national anthem or something.

  • Nick M

    I dug around this a bit and discovered that apparently this sort of jape is quite common with military bands. Some canadians apparently played “Colonel Bogie” for a visiting Japanese VIP. Well, you must get sick of Souza.

  • John K

    I bet the King is sick that Vince Cable is boycotting his visit. That must have ruined it for him.