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The inaugural Brian Micklethwait podcast

Today I dropped in on Brian Micklethwait to take part in the inaugural Micklethwait podcast. I had a tie-clib microphone attached to my shirt which he had connected to a Sony digital recorder (an ICD-MX20). We chatted for nearly 20 minutes on the subject of podcasting, where it is going, and what we expect to be the things that make it work. The result, for your delectation and delight is this:


At some point, we will get a feed working. Meanwhile, I have started conducting podcast interviews over Skype – the results so far are here.

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6 comments to The inaugural Brian Micklethwait podcast

  • Dale Amon

    Bravo! I approached Perry about doing a Samizdata show back in September but he is too buried in his startup and I am about as equally buried so nothing happened.

    I am glad one of our number finally got tired of waiting for someone else to do something and just bloody well did it!

    Sounds quite good btw. I await more Samizdata radio.

  • Richard Easbey

    I agree with Dale.. it sounded great and I look forward to more!

  • Johnathan

    Nice one guys. More please!

  • Bernie

    Well done chaps. I think it is a courageous step but you are both capable of making it worthwhile. You seemed a little self conscious to start with but became less so as it progressed.

    I think that podcasting could be to radio what blogging is to the press in that it should probably be much less formal. It is a much freer format than a 20 minute radio program. You don’t have to make it last 20 minutes. You don’t have to fill with dunnage. You can just make your point and get out.

    You mentioned listening to your own stuff at some future point. This reminded me of recently listening to some old dictaphone tapes of mine from the late 80s. These were only intended as memos to myself and were never meant for other ears. Yet I was amazed at how pompous I sounded on them.

  • Dale Amon

    I’ve been slowly working my way through digitizing old tapes. I used to do a lot of radio and TV. Some for LP, a lot for the L5 Society, a lot of live music. I know I’ve got at least one half hour talk show I did on drug legalization that turned out pretty decently.

    I’ll get around to that set eventually.

  • Welcome to the world of podcasting Brian. Its pretty easy these days to produce something half-way decent. Look forward to hearing more from you lot. I would happy to advise, as a vetern podcaster, if you need any help.