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The Great British Beer Festival on Thursday

On Thursday a group of London-based individualists, libertarians, and other similar intellectual subversives will descend on the Great British Beer Festival in London Olympia. We will be celebrating the diversity of 450 British real ales – plus foreign beer, cider, and perry – which are able to thrive in the age of globalization because they give consumers what they want.

So come along from noon onwards, bring your digital camera if you are a blogger, and enjoy the cornucopia of delightful products the market provides!

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7 comments to The Great British Beer Festival on Thursday

  • Johnathan Pearce

    ‘Fraid I won’t be able to make it this time around because I am off sailing in the Solent, although plenty of fine beer is bound to be drunk!

    Alex, be careful with the dark Belgian stuff brewed by monks. Two sips and you’ll get religion.

  • Brian

    See you there. Although I won’t be celebrating diversity; I’ll be drink beer that actually tastes nice.

  • John East

    It’s ages since I went to a beer festival. I decided it was pointless as an exercise in evaluating different brews. After about 6 pints I couldn’t remember which beer I liked best, and after 8 pints I couldn’t remember I’d been to a beer festival.

  • Lets hope ROP lets us travel on public transport in peace.

  • jasper

    thank god i decided to go on wednesday. i get to drink the beer before it runs out, witness a performance by the mighty and dreadful chas ‘n’ dave, and avoid having to share oxygen with you geeks.

  • Tim

    Never been to the GBBF but may go this week.

    I’ve been to a few in Wiltshire and always had good fun (worked a few times at them too). There’s always enough choice at any CAMRA fest and I always think that tokens are much easier than having to deal with cash.

    There are a few speciality brews at the GBBF (like european bottled ones) which probably make it more worthwhile.

  • Myself and some of the lads in Growing Old Disgracefully (and friends) are meeting up Saturday morning to be there when it opens. I suspect we may have a contingent of Norwegians along for the inbibing as well.

    I will be, as per normal, drinking real ales with the dodgiest names possible: generally involving knob gags and/or nicknames for the devil or one of his minions.