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Lawyers in heartbreaking story…

It looks like hundreds of British lawyers will have to repay over £50 m taken from clients in what amounted to ‘referal fees’ (an ethical no-no). I cannot tell you how sad that makes me smiley_laugh.gif

6 comments to Lawyers in heartbreaking story…

  • Euan Gray

    The uncharitable might point out that this whole situation came about as a result of a market mechanism for correcting wrongs.



  • The lawyers might point out that the clients got the benefit of the referrals and now want to welsh on the deal.

  • When all lawyers are barred from any legislative position due to conflict of interest, I will have sympathy for… well, probably not even then…

    The rules were clear and the ruling only surprising because it took so long to happen, so I cannot see how the lawyers who are going to get nailed have anyone to blame but themselves.

  • I am absolutely distraught. How are they to eat or clothe themselves?
    It’s a damn shame we can’t accidentally stick a couple of zeros on the figure.

  • Well this report put a smile on my face. Hearing about lawyers suffering in any way is always a good way to start the day.

  • David Gillies

    Anything that damages the nascent ‘no win, no fee’ market is a good thing. It’s possibly the most pernicious piece of legal skulduggery to have made the trip in the reverse direction across the Atlantic.